Borei Keila Relocation Area

Please see this article in the Phnom Penh Post about Rock Foundation’s work with this relocation village:

Families forced to live outside in the rain and elements after being forcibly evicted.

The 136 families in the relocation village were evicted from Borei Keila in Phnom Penh city center and sent to the relocation village 25 miles north of Phnom Penh. The place these families were relocated was unfit for them to live as there was no infrastructure to support them. Many things were lacking such as land, homes, toilets, a local market, jobs, job skills training,and even a school was needed.

Families forced to live outside in the rain and elements after being forcibly evicted.

The United Nations monitored the forced eviction and also the situation in the relocation village. They observed the new homes and other assistance that were being provided by Rock Foundation, and contacted RFC in November 2012 to discuss a collaboration to provide toilets for 110 families at the Relocation Village. RFC provided the UN with a materials list and budget that was approved through a procurement process. Materials were delivered to RFC and we oversaw the construction, supervised the workers, and provided their salaries. 

Rock Foundation and The United Nations collaborated to build 110 toilets at the relocation village. Special Thanks to the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights for working with RFC on this project.

As of April 2014, we have built 80 homes and 110 toilets just in the Phnom Bat Relocation Village for the families evicted from Borei Keila. 

Purchasing the land for the church, school, and community center, as well as 30 plots of land for forcibly evicted families.
30 families who were forcibly evicted receiving new land and land titles from Rock Foundation.
The RFC staff building new homes and toilets on the land provided by us to the 30 families.
The new church and school upstairs, and the community center and other classrooms and bedrooms downstairs.