Rock Quarry Village

Rock Foundation started visiting the extremely poor squatters 30km outside of Phnom Penh in Feb, 2011. We have cooked hundreds of meals for the families each week, provided medical care, clothes, shoes, rice, and we have built 13 new houses here.

These families break rocks on the mountainside with small hammers for only a few dollars per truck full. They have no land, no electricity, and no running water. Thanks to Rock Foundation they have proper housing and each family has sustainable, clean drinking water.

Through generous support, you can see on this day more than 1200 pounds of rice was provided to these extremely poor families.

An old lady breaks rocks outside of her home for a dollar or two a day.
Two young kids cooking in their outdoor kitchen
The families are praying as they wait for our weekly fellowship lunch to be served. We usually have around 100 villagers each week.
Having Bible study under a small tree at the quarry.
Providing rice to help supplement their diets.
Another trip to provide rice to supplement their diets.