Rock Soap is an initiative of Rock Foundation Inc., a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization, registered in the United States of America. Rock Foundation is also registered as an International Non-Government Organization (INGO) in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Our mission is to meet the mental, physical, and spiritual needs of the local Khmer people through relationships that are established through poverty assistance and community outreach. 

We believe in sustainable development and aim to create long term solutions for extremely poor Cambodian families. We don’t just want to give out resources, but we want to invest time in teaching, training, and equipping those who need some help, and are willing to help themselves.

Mouen’s Story

Mouen fell 60 feet out of a palm tree while collecting the leaves the rebuild the roof of his house in the summer of 2012. He was rebuilding the roof because his wife was 7 months pregnant and the rainy season was about to begin. The fall nearly killed him, but he survived with a broken back and was paralyzed from the waist down. He was left at a hospital for 10 days, laying flat on his back for 7 days without a Dr. looking at him because he can’t afford surgery or medicine. Rock Foundation Cambodia rented an ambulance and took Mouen from that hospital to a surgery center. We were able to get surgery for him where Doctors inserted a metal plate to reattach his backbone, and he stayed in the hospital for 6 months during his initial recovery. 

After Mouen was able to sit up for 30 minutes at a time, he was discharged from the hospital and sent back to live at his squatter shack on the outskirts of the city garbage dump. This shack has no running water, no electricity, and no toilet. It was a difficult place for Mouen to live, and that’s besides the fact that he had to watch his wife go into the garbage dump every day to collect recyclables while he sat at their shack and struggled with bedsores, and being paralyzed. Rock Foundation continued to support Mouen through food provisions, transportation to the hospital for therapy, and other needs as well.

After nearly 1 year, Mouen finally started regaining feeling and slight movement in his legs, and as of 2014 he was able to regain enough feeling and strength that he can walk with crutches. Rock Foundation Cambodia rented a room for Mouen and his wife so they now have a safe place to live that has electricity, running water, and a toilet. 

In February of 2015, Rock Soap was created as a way to provide earned income for Mouen and his wife, Srey Neang, and eventually for others like them.

Thanks for buying our soap and helping to provide for Mouen and his wife! It is greatly appreciated.