Takhmao Relocation Village

In August 2011, we began assisting 29 extremely poor squatter families in Kandal Province.  These families were forced off their own land at gunpoint in 2005 and forced to relocate. They were given $200 per family and threatened with extreme violence.  Since then, they have been living on top of a drainage ditch. Some of their homes flood more than 2 meters (6ft) deep each raining season.

Rock Foundation has built 27 new homes on stilts in this village and we are pleased to announce that 2012 was the first year in 8 years that none of these families were forced to leave their homes due to the flooding!

A look at the village before and after RFC started building homes to keep these families dry in the rainy season.
Above: A home nearly falling over. Below: The new home that RFC built to replace it.
Above: taking a boat over the road to get to this flooded house. Below: New home built on stilts to keep this grandmother and her family from flooding again.