Water Well Drilling

In February 2013, Rock Foundation Executive Director, Brett Medlin, completed a water well drilling training course and an additional water well pump repair course provided by American based NGO Living Water International. Brett received a certificate of completion from both courses and will look to add this to the list of practical services that Rock Foundation can offer to extremely poor families in Cambodia.

In February 2014, Brett followed up his training courses with hands on experience. He traveled from Cambodia to Kenya, Africa, where he trained for 3 weeks and drilled 2 wells for schools with Living Water International in Kenya, Africa. 

In January 2016, our drilling project really started gaining momentum, and we can now provide up to 2 wells per week. We are more limited by funding, than our ability to drill successful water wells and provide this live giving resource to the precious people of Cambodia.

As of Dec 2019, we have successfully drilled 198 wells out of 225 attempts.

School kids enjoying clean water from a fresh well.
A new well drilled by the Rock Foundation Drilling Team. This well is located at a rural school.
A new water well provided by the Rock Foundation Drilling Team
A new well provided by our drilling team to these students and the people of this small rural village.
Another new well provided by our drilling team at a rural school.
A new well provided to rural villagers living in a jungle village.